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Taking those first steps...

I have no doubt that many of you will instantly stop reading this when you see the word running! I am a keen runner and have loved running for many years, but I am aware it’s one of those sports that often makes people instantly say, I can’t run, it’s too hard, running is just not for me.

Going out for a run makes me feel great. I get a workout like nothing else, I clear my head from the day’s stresses and routine, and the fresh air does wonders for my mental wellbeing. Put aside the fact that I love running myself, I actually get a real buzz from hearing about other people getting involved and going out for a run. Whether fast, slow, long, short, walk, shuffle experience, or newbie...I think it is amazing when people run!

If you are thinking about giving running a go, why not start now, you never know you may end up hooked for life!

Here are some of my top tips for new runners...

Get the right trainers.

Running is the cheapest sport you can do, all you need is an old t-shirt, shorts, and some trainers and you are ready for your first run. If it is something you want to continue it’s worth checking you are wearing the right trainers. Most sports shops do a free gait analysis and have a range of trainer prices so you don’t need to break the bank.

Make a plan.

It’s always easier to stick to something that you have wrote down or told someone about. Pick the days and times you are going to run and try and stick to them.

Don’t worry about walking.

Public Health England launched an amazing initiative called Couch to 5k, which uses the well know walk/run method. This 9 week programme gives you a step by step plan which involves walking and running until week 7, building you up to doing that 5k run without stopping.

It’s really not a big deal if you stop or walk, I run about 4 times a week and often stop because I’m just exhausted and feel like I can’t carry on. Or sometimes I just to take a picture or a selfie for my Strava aka running social media.

Make it social. (this might be one for after social distancing)

Some people cringe at the thought of exercising with others or having to talk while running. Find someone that wants to get into running or exercise as well. This not only gives you someone to motivate you on those rainy days when you have planned to run, it also makes it more social and less like exercise. When you do achieve that 5k together you can have a celebratory pint or glass of wine after!

Push yourself.

Running isn’t easy at first (or maybe at all). Whether you are do a 20 or a 40 minute 5k we all have to dig deep and just keep on pushing. Just keep those goals in mind and you will feel amazing at the end. I can guarantee that!

Download the Couch to 5k app to get started!

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